Server Rules

Plaguewood is a private server of World of Warcraft, and for this all users must follow a set of rules.
Read the rules below to know what you can and can not do.

1. Use of illegal and other programs

1.1 The use of any kind of hacks or other programs to take any kind of advantage can result in a temporary or permanent closure of the account.
1.2 Users using exploits (game failures, without reporting to a gm error) may also be subject to the same penalty.

1.3 Any attempt to breach the server and / or attempt to intrude on the server's system may lead to permanent ip ban of the account.
1.3.1 It is also confirmed that the infractions indicated above may have the same punishment if an intention to breach the integrity of the server itself is also confirmed.
1.3.2 Denial of service may also be punished under the same terms.

1.4 The use of client modifications is illegal and can be punished accordingly.

2. Respect

2.1 The lack of respect to a member of the staff in any way and in any terms can be subjected from a mute to a permanent closure of the account.
2.1.1 This includes any kind of communication visible to a member of the staff team.
2.1.2 Insults are included in these rules and may therefore aggravate the time of account ban in case that is a temporary.
2.1.3 Gamemasters reserve the right to use chat logs in order to prove the innocence or culpability of the referred acts.
2.1.4 All offensive names will be renamed in the first occurrence, if the case is verified a second time, the player in question will take an appropriate punishment the offense.

2.2 Server defamation can also be punished with mute or 2 days ban
2.2.1 It is appreciated the users valorization before the effort and the work produced in this server, if they do not like what is done here the best is even to leave.

2.3 The users are entitled to do justice by accusing players who commit the infractions indicated above by giving information to gamemasters.
2.3.1 The user who falsifies evidence in relation to the above terms in order to accuse another player may also be punished with account closure in any terms.

3. Accounts

3.1 A user has the right to have multiple accounts as long as he does not use for special cases such as:
3.1.1 Inform players of the opposing faction of the location of other players.
3.1.2 Multibox. Players aren't allowed to multibox by any means and doing it may result on a permanent closure of the accounts.

3.2 You are responsible for the protection of your own account and therefore it is recommended that you use an extensive password with a high degree of difficulty
3.2.1 A staff member will never ask you for a password in any case
3.2.2 It is advisable not to lend accounts to colleagues or friends so that you are putting a vuneravel security flaw

3.3 The sale of accounts is prohibited and may lead to suspension of the same.

4. Gamemasters (Staff)

4.1 A gamemaster is authorized to have an account only for player help and therefore
4.1.1 That the same account can not be used to play with the other normal players
4.1.2 A GM account may only be used to help players
4.1.3 If the infraction is confirmed the GM may be asked to leave

4.2 A GM should always try to stay invisible
4.2.1 Except in special cases, the gm should avoid appearing in public.
4.2.2 The contact shall be made via whisps
4.2.3 In case this rule is not respected the gm can also have reputational consequences within the staff and can avoid a possible promotion on staff or even face the exit.

4.3 A gm should always be as useful as possible
4.3.1 The lack of respect of a gm to a player can be punished with the exit of the staff
4.3.2 A user may complain to an administrator

4.4 A gm has no right to add items to his characters in the player account or to other players
4.4.1 Participants in this infraction may be punished according to whether it is proven unlawful.
4.4.2 The gamemaster will be removed from the staff and all accounts will be closed, we will not support corruption.

5. Donations

5.1 A donation is not a sale, donation is a help to the server and therefore users are rewarded with credits that can later be used to buy items among others
5.1.1 The objective of the donations is to help us to bear the costs of the server machine and also in a future hardware improvement

6. Votes

6.1 When voting, the user is helping the server itself in the rankings
6.1.1 With each vote the user is entitled to X voting points defined on the voting page
6.1.2 The votes also help monetarily via pay-per-click

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