• You only need the 3.3.5a client (build 12340). If you don't have it, you can download it here:
    Torrent Download
    If you already have the client, then download our realmlist here:
  • This is a progressive server. A progressive server simulates WoW patches' content in the order blizzard released it. In every patch, new content is added until all content is fully released.
    We follow the same logic blizzard did in their early stages of WoW, but with some changes to balance the server (because we are using a 3.3.5a client).
  • No, all changes are handled by the server itself. New items/npcs/raids/dungeons/quests/etc are added once a new patch is released without the need for you to change your client.
  • The server is set to be both PVP and PVE focused. If you're wondering about the realm type it is PVP, so it means you can kill other players in the open world.
  • Yes, we do have arena seasons that are scheduled together with patches, you can check the season start and end, in our ranking list (top menu).
    Please note that, after every season change, all your honor and arena points will reset, and the winners receive the respective rewards (top 3 teams in every bracket that did at least 10 games in the season).
  • We made some custom changes in order to balance the server. Our first goal was to make every expansion balanced and work in a similar way.
    For example:
    - Dungeon finder available in all expansions.
    - You can create blood elves and draenei in any expansion.
    - You can create death knights in any expansion.
    - Arena seasons in any expansion, which includes vanilla.
    - Old PVP sets have resilience.
    - Some creatures have their HP adapted to current expansion, for example City Guards and their Kings.
    - Player's overall damage reduced by 10% in expansions prior to WOTLK (for balancing purposes).
    - Some professions are locked to their respective expansions (JC on TBC , Inscription on WOTLK).

    Most of these changes have been tested by our community and have been reported as working fine.
  • Every patch has it's timer, normally they take 60 days to end, but there are cases where they can take up to 90 days to change.
  • You can check any realm rates in the rates information page
  • Our realmlist is:
    set realmlist plaguewood.com
  • You can use the website to check the current patch and the time left for a patch (main page). Also inside the game you can find an NPC called Lil'XT and it will tell you the current patch and how much time is left for it.
    Additionally you can use the .server info command to check those details.
  • Yes, we did implement some of blizzard's special events like the AQ War Effort and we are also planning to implement the Scourge Invasion on Naxxramas patch.
  • Yes they do! All bosses stats and spells are adapted to the current patch that is available!
  • No. We accept donations in order to pay our host and we do have a shop where you can buy companions, mounts, bags and some other stuff that is not game breaking. We will never sell gear or gold.
  • Server opening is scheduled to 5th October on 3PM (GMT+1). Until then we have it open only for testing purposes.
  • We often do bugfixes, just make sure to check them on our discord or on the
    Changelog Page
  • Apart from the progression system , we do have:

    - Transmogrification
    - Custom channel (world channel, that is factionless).
    - Faction channels (horde/alliance)
    - Crossfaction Battlegrounds (will be available depending on the population)
    - Crossfaction Groups (will be available depending on the population)
    - Crossfaction Auction House
    - Crossfaction Dungeon Finder
    - Auto Spell Learner
    - Weekend 25% extra experience
    - Track your progression score (use .progression status)
    - Track your guild progression score (use .progression gstatus)
    - Realm firsts for every raid (with rewards).
    - Attunements for raids/dungeons.
  • Yes! For dungeons some of them require quests or keys (as blizzard did in older patches) and for raids we have two kinds of attunements: the quest required and the achievement required (custom).
    That means that for example if you want to get to Blackwing Lair you must complete Molten Core first and also the required quest to enter!
  • Death Knights have been tested and are working in previous expansions, prior to WOTLK you will notice some changes:

    - They cannot obtain the blue items from their starting zone quests (they do not fit for previous expansions).
    - DK exp rate is x0.5 (yes, you have read it right, they receive half of the blizzlike exp since they are a hero class and they also start at lvl 55!)
    - Warriors share their Tier with DKs (at the time this text was written, DKs do not benefit from Warrior's set bonus, although we plan to add some in the future)
  • Vanilla raids have changes related to the number of players that can be inside.

    Molten Core - 25 man
    Blackwing Lair - 25 man
    Zulgurub - 10 man
    Temple of AQ - 25man
    Ruins of AQ - 10 man
    Naxxramas - 25 man
  • No.
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